LAZER Helmet WASP Air Size S Black (BLC2005669140)



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LAZER Helmet WASP Air Size S  Black (BLC2005669140)
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LAZER Helmet WASP Air Size S  Black (BLC2005669140) 
  • Wasp Air is a shorter version of the Wasp helmet designed to meet the needs of triathlon, road and TT cyclists. Everything about the helmet is molded around the cyclist's position and find maximum aerodynamic gains.   Wasp Air's aerodynamic performance is the result of extensive research on wind tunnels, a scientific view on aerodynamics, and the use of mathematical models that allow Leisure to optimize the shape of the helmet in the virtual environment.   The integrated lens is an integral part of the helmet and can be moved forward so that air can flow into the helmet when needed. This creates an airflow through the helmet with air passing over the cyclist's head and the two tail openings. A transfer wire on the top surface of the Vespa creates microcycles to ensure a smooth flow of air over the helmet's tail.


Artikelnummer LAZER_HELMET_BLC2005669140_VG2