We continuously offer you discount codes to allow you to to get more attractive prices on our products. For the majority of the products, the prices visible on the website are not final prices, because we send the discount through our newsletter. We send the newsletters twice a day.

To take advantage of it, you can register through our website, under "newsletter" or send us an email to We will then add you to our list. Our promotions depend on real-time supplier offers. T

his is why we do not have a wide visibility of the upcoming discounts that we will apply to a product, nor on the products for sale. As the discount codes are only valid for during the period announced in the newsletter, no retroactivity is granted to orders placed after or before the offer is published.

How to use it:

To use a discount code, you must add the product to the basket, then insert the code in the box provided for this purpose before validating. The code will not be applied if you use Paypal checkout (because it is the principle of ordering in 1-click). All the steps in the ordering process, including adding the discount code, are not accessible in this case. The use of several codes submitted in the same order is not possible.

Each of our promotional offers includes products from the same arrival batch (associated with a specific discount code). Since products with different discount codes come from different suppliers, delivery times are different.

Limiting the use of a discount code per basket increases the speed of your orders being sent. The discount codes we offer are restrictive. This means that you cannot buy anything other than products from a same discount code, for organizational reasons. Indeed, when we receive an arrival batch, we prepare the orders immediately to send them to customers. We don't have time to go to look for other products in the stock, taking into account the flow that we have.

If you have pricing problems using a discount code, we will invite you to clean your browser cache.